"I was so delightfully surprised
after my first session"


I began seeing Kelly for CST early in 2015. I had been having neck and low back pain that I wasn't able to find much relief from with other treatments. I was so delightfully surprised after my first session with Kelly and I could move my neck more than I had in years with a huge decrease in my shoulder tension. I also find that I feel more balanced emotionally with an increased sense of wellness after CST visits. For clients who want some hard data, Kelly was able to make me roughly 1 inch taller after a series of visits when I first started. That is some serious spinal decompression in a super gentle manner. At my most current visit we measured the range of motion in my neck before and after the treatment. I gained 30°!! The last thing I want to add is that Kelly is the kindest person with incredibly positive energy and you can't help but want to smile when you are around her. Definitely worth checking out St. Brigid's CST!

~ Reagan Gielincki

Pain free & feeling great


Kelly is truly wonderful... You can't leave without a hug, a laugh and a heartfelt wish for your life to be wonderful! I have scoliosis and am desperate to get to my chiroractor after 4-6 weeks. After seeing Kelly on a semi regular basis, I have gone for 6 months and feel great!! I even had a bunion that was kiiiiiilling me...I am pretty crunchy and was consiering surgery to fix it. Now, several months after Kelly spent part of a session on my foot? Pain free. Amazing...

~ Emily Jo Ziemba

"My chronic migraines have disappeared"

A month or 2 ago, I decided to give Cranio-Sacral therapy a try to treat my chronic, horrific migraines, by the amazing Kelly Marie O'Brien Pahman at St. Brigid's Holistic Labor care. Using CS therapy, Kelly was able to identify an old injury of mine that I hadn't given much thought to. In 2009, I had broken my tailbone skiing. While this was very painful at the time for a few months, I thought it had healed. It turns out, my tailbone healed in the wrong position. It was jammed to the right all these years. Coincidentally thinking back, this is the first time I ever remember getting headaches, but never put the two and two together. A tailbone injury greatly affects the cerebral spinal fluid that is supposed to flow up and down the spine and around the brain multiple times a minute. After Kelly found this injury and her cranio-sacral therapy treatment, my migraines have disappeared. My chiropractor also evaluated me and determined this to be the cause of my migraines. He and Kelly have been healing my tailbone and I have never progressed so quickly. This has been 6 years of chronic pain, completely gone in a matter of weeks. I used to get migraines daily. Now if I do get a headache it is very rare, and usually very dull. This still feels surreal to me.
If you are suffering from any sort of chronic pain, or just want to feel better in general, please get a hold of her. She is amazing. Kelly has completely changed my life and I will be forever grateful to her.

~ Katherine Westenbroek

Feeling amazing, standing taller


Still feeling amazing today after the CST! Still standing straight, no issues with hips or pubic bone. My mom even commented that I looked taller and was standing the best she has seen in a long time. I even feel more mentally and emotionally balanced.

~ Heather

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